Flawed Yet Faithful

Sam Whittaker
Jul 29, 2018
2 Samuel 22:1-23:7
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When we boil down humanity to humanity, sometimes it is difficult to see huge differences between David and Saul, or David and Absalom, maybe even David and Goliath. But the fact remains that the Bible speaks of David as the one after God’s heart. It is his name that is used when looking to the day when God would put all things right. With all the success and failure, unification and strife, life and death in David’s story it can be hard to reconcile. Maybe this thin line exists to help us realize how we too are a hair’s breadth away from being “one after God’s own heart.” What is the difference that remains and how do we seek after it? A humble repentant heart toward the real King, our King Jesus, is all that remains—in fact, if we look closely, we realize that the person at the heart of these poems and at the heart of 1 and 2 Samuel is God Himself.

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Sam Whittaker is our Mission Pastor. His role is to oversee all of SVCC’s missions and charity work, including all of our global Focus Country partnerships. He also serves on SVCC's teaching team and worship team. Sam is a member of the Board of Directors for Hope of the Nations, and serves on the Church Partnerships team at Foster the Bay. Sam has been a lifelong member of the SVCC family, and lives in Gilroy with his wife Christina and their daughter, Jubilee. He loves theology, nature, and guitar pedals.

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