A Covenant Legacy

Kevin Kurzenknabe
Jun 24, 2018
2 Samuel 7:1-17
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During a period of peace for Israel, King David decides out of reverence that he will build a house for God. God responds by reminding him that He hasn’t been in a house and never requested one be built for Him. In an interesting twist, God establishes a covenant with David, promising to build HIM a house carrying David’s name into eternity. This promise will outlive David, and he will never enjoy its result in his lifetime, yet David puts all faith in God’s promise and offers a prayer in humility for the fulfillment of God’s covenant. Are we so confident in God’s promises?

Presentation Slides

Kevin Kurzenknabe is the Discipleship Pastor and an Elder at SVCC. Before coming on staff in 2016, he had been working with SVCC for years while working his normal career. His passion is to challenge people into living out the Gospel. He has lived in Gilroy for over 16 years with Michelle, his wife of over 20 years, and his two children.

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