A Royal Failure

Eric Smith
Jul 1, 2018
2 Samuel 11:1-12:25
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The headlines in Israel day after day had proclaimed their new spectacular king David whose heart for God is as God’s own heart. He’s been seen dancing like a fool in the streets bringing the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem, God’s favor returning to Israel. One by one, enemies are falling at Israel’s feet under David’s lead. To say that times are good would be a great understatement, and surely no one is more excited and passionate for the Lord than King David. Then suddenly, the book of 2 Samuel delivers a story painfully inconsistent with the way things have been going. Their highly esteemed leader is falling fast in a shameful scandal that’s unfolding quickly, dangerously, and painfully. The same brilliant king of Israel now makes the reader cringe with every turn of the story and his shameful attempts to cover up his actions. God delivers a verdict over the situation and brings David to a state of repentance, but we’re left saddened with little esteem for this king who once radiated greatness.

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South Valley Community Church was established in Gilroy in 1984, by founding pastors Eric and Carol Smith. It began with a few faithful families, but by God's grace grew to the church it is today. Eric and Carol pastored faithfully for 31 years, and now serve SVCC as pastors emeritus.

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