Sam Whittaker
Apr 14, 2019
1 Peter 5:1–14
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This is the homestretch. Peter closes his letter with some final exhortations to both leaders and members of the recipient churches. Peter pulls no punches, reminding them that they are in a war zone that goes back to the Garden of Genesis, maybe even prior. Their vision should be set on the One, but there are forces that want them to look elsewhere, even a simple glance could be catastrophic—a devouring. But, ultimately, it is on the suffering, glory-crowned, grace-abounding Christ who shows us where to take our stand—where we must stand firm. So, dig deep, finish strong, and remember you are neither alone on earth nor in the heavenlies.

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Sam Whittaker is our Mission Pastor. His role is to oversee all of SVCC’s missions and charity work, including all of our global Focus Country partnerships. He also serves on SVCC's teaching team and worship team. Sam is a member of the Board of Directors for Hope of the Nations, and serves on the Church Partnerships team at Foster the Bay. Sam has been a lifelong member of the SVCC family, and lives in Gilroy with his wife Christina and their daughter, Jubilee. He loves theology, nature, and guitar pedals.

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