Isaac Serrano
Mar 17, 2019
1 Peter 3:1–7
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As a wife and a mother, I recognize that harmony within marriage can be a tough scale to balance day-to-day. At the core of this issue remains an enemy, who is no respecter of persons, male or female, single or married—namely, pride. In all honesty, our culture isn’t helping, lending philosophies that are setting a tone against marriage that hurl coals on a fire that has been roaring since the Garden of Eden. Peter’s counter-cultural words continue Jesus’ teaching regarding the value and worth of women, reminding his audience that “they are heirs with you of the grace of life….” Let’s capture the all-time cure to this epic battle, hunkering down to discover what “kingdom living” looks like within the context of holy matrimony. We do this, with an open heart and an open mind, as we move toward the King we can trust.

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Isaac Serrano is Lead Teaching Pastor of South Valley Community Church. He likes talking theology, history, and culture. Isaac lives in Gilroy with his family. On his days off, he likes to go fishing and venture outdoors. Isaac serves on the leadership board for the Regeneration Project and the school board of Pacific Point Christian Schools.

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