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Jun 2, 2019
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Pharaoh. Plagues. The power of God. A people for God’s possession.

The Book of Exodus is a story of rescue. It is a story of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob intervening for His people, bringing them through chaotic waters, and establishing them as a distinct nation. It is also a story presenting God’s relationship with a human representative. This connection is so close that at times the reader is left wondering where God ends and His representative begins.

If one watches the story closely, we see the journey of a man taking up the mantle of His God for his people, and through this relationship becoming an agent of His glory, standing against oppressive powers both on earth and in heaven.

Step into the story of how the lone deity of an enslaved people toppled the renowned pantheon of the ancient world’s undisputed superpower.

And all this through one man.

How to Use This Study

This study on Moses displays God’s faithfulness in rescuing His people and His desire to set them apart among the nations. The curriculum is designed for group learning, interaction, and practical steps to living faithfully.

This guide is separated into the following sections:

In Retrospect

Use this section to connect the dots from week to week. It is designed to get your group thinking of the context so far within the book of Exodus.

Theme Verse

Exodus is a large book and we are simply scratching the surface in this nine week study. The theme verse should help to establish where we are focusing in the week’s discussion.

Community Reading

Along with the scripture for the week (above), share the reading of these sections of scripture out loud. You can divide the text between group members or take turns each session. Take the opportunity to “listen” and “speak” God’s Word in community.

Review Questions

This section is preceded by a paragraph that brings you into the text for the week and includes a series of questions designed to help you think through the text, how it may relate to other similar texts in the Bible, and provide a bridge to think about how these truths should impact us now.


Too often our studies are entirely mental. This Application step is essential to going beyond mental assent into practical Christian living. DON’T SKIP THIS OPPORTUNITY. Read this section together at the end of your study and do what it says. Consider these action steps as you go through your week. Pray that these small Spirit-enabled steps of obedience will cause transformation in you and those around you.

Reading Plan
week one

Exodus 1-5

week two

Exodus 6-10

week Three

Exodus 11-15

week Four

Exodus 16-20

week Five

Exodus 21-25

week Six

Exodus 26-30

week Seven

Exodus 31-35

week Eight

Exodus 36-40

week Nine

Deuteronomy 28-30; Deuteronomy 32-34