Holy Together

Eric Smith
Mar 11, 2018
1 Thessalonians 4:1–12
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Paul’s reinforcement and clarification of previous teaching begins here, but switch your perspective to Timothy for a moment. He is the one who was sent to check on the Thessalonians. Consider his long travel—walking, hitching a ride on a spare donkey or cart when possible. Walking is so commonplace, so pedestrian. Have you ever noticed when you walk, especially alone, you think a lot? Paul can imagine Timothy traveling, thinking, and making right choices as he traversed the 250 miles that led him back to Thessalonica, because he had taught his spiritual son the moment-by-moment practice of putting one foot in front of another in honor of his Lord and King. Paul repeatedly uses the idea of “walking” as a metaphor for living out the Christian life. He had taught the Thessalonians “how [they] ought to walk and to please God.”

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South Valley Community Church was established in Gilroy in 1984, by founding pastors Eric and Carol Smith. It began with a few faithful families, but by God's grace grew to the church it is today. Eric and Carol pastored faithfully for 31 years, and now serve SVCC as pastors emeritus.

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