Isaac Serrano
Sep 11, 2016
Matthew 5:1-12
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A great crowd had gathered to hear Jesus speak a message that would both open their eyes to the mysteries of the kingdom of God while confronting every norm they had come to believe. And Jesus sat down. This was the normal posture for rabbis while teaching. Jesus didn’t use any notes and people wouldn’t be taking notes like we do today. But the remarkable nature of His teaching on the kingdom of God, equivalent to entering into life itself, would be unforgettable. D.A. Carson speaks of the beatitudes in this way, “Their brilliant light draws me like a moth to a spotlight; but the light is so bright that it sears and burns.”

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Isaac Serrano is Lead Teaching Pastor of South Valley Community Church. He likes talking theology, history, and culture. Isaac lives in Gilroy with his family. On his days off, he likes to go fishing and venture outdoors. Isaac serves on the leadership board for the Regeneration Project and the school board of Pacific Point Christian Schools.

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