Lessons From the Wilderness

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It has been a difficult year. From life-changing upheavals to daily frustrations, every single one of us feels as though we have just passed through a year in the wilderness, and it’s safe to say that we are all ready to walk out of it. But it is here, as the edge of the desert slowly grows green, that we face a temptation. Will we remember, or will we forget? Will we learn well the lessons that the wilderness taught us, or will those lessons slowly fade as we make our way back to normalcy? As we look to the ancient stories of God’s people in the wilderness, we see that they faced this same temptation: Would the hard-learned lessons of the wilderness fade in the land of milk and honey? Or would they hold fast to the trust and faithfulness that can only be forged in times of desperation? For the next four weeks, we will look to their stories in the hope that our own time in the wilderness will not be wasted.

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