If Christ, Then…Everything Changes

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If Christ, then…. In that small phrase, the book of Colossians lays its foundation. If Jesus truly was crucified for the sins of the world, if He truly was raised by the Father, and if He truly is ruling and reigning as Lord, than the shockwaves from these cataclysmic events are infinite in their effects. In this small letter to Christians in the city of Colossae, the apostle Paul makes it clear that because Christ is King, then every component of our lives should be significantly altered. For Paul, the Lordship of Jesus has implications for philosophy, race relations, marriages, church life, and every other facet of our world and our humanity. In four short chapters, the book of Colossians puts on full display the majesty and glory of the Risen Jesus. It will show us how Jesus is not only the glue that holds our life together, but the glue that holds the very cosmos together. Journey with us in this eight week series as we mine the treasures of God’s word and allow them to conform us to the image of Jesus.

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